SpanishLexico.com is the company providing educational services for learning Spanish to millions of students across America. To keep ahead of the competition, the client is aimed to engage more students in capturing the mobile device market.

Product Description:

Camino, the cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android. Being a mobile version of the existing web-based product, the app allows users to listen to audio records while conducting their daily routine.

Tool Used:

Flutter based cross-platform solution, business analysis, UI/UX design, quality assurance.

Background Audio Playback Both Online and Offline

Users can listen to educational records in the background by switching to the Listen Only mode. Audio files can be played and controlled with the help of the audio plugin developed from scratch. The offline mode involves the sqflite plugin for Flutter.

Active Learning Mode

Users can learn Spanish via audio drills, dialogs, and visual materials. Each track has annotations that can be viewed by a user while listening. By receiving a currently playing track section from the back end side via the Flutter plugin, the system finds the text, displays it on the screen, and highlights the played part.

Distributed Teams Collaboration

There were two application development teams who worked on Camino: MobiDev and an Argentinian one. By conducting regular sync calls, using tools like Jira and efficient management, teams established effective communication.

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